Things to Check Out in the Shop!

It’s been a long time I’ve been able to post here, I realise. But I’m hoping to change that since a lot has happened. Since May, I’ve been able to make some great artwork, as well as help run a 400 person conference for educators, a few Quidditch convention appearances (at Ascendio, LeakyCon and New York Comic Con) and host a Northeast Regional Tournament for over 2000 people. It has been a very busy autumn!

I’ve been able to finally get some of my priorities straightened out and I’m finally on the move to pass on some of my Quidditch leadership to someone else. I’ll still be working conventions, but I will also be in the midst of relocating/moving to pursue a career in event planning. And I’ll have loads of time to catch up on art and stocking up more stuff in the Etsy shop.

The Etsy shop should be open on December 29th, just in time to prep for the New Year! So, things that you’ll be able to find if you haven’t checked recently:


In summary, that means if you’re looking for bookmarks, coasters or postcards, Black Out has them! Check the shop soon if you’re interested in snagging any one of these.

And of course, this blog will (hopefully) be more active with any art ideas that come to mind, random posts about WIP pieces and that sort of thing.

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