Hi there! I’m Kristina Moy, the creator and owner of Black Out Art. I’m an illustrator with 14+ years of experience in drawing and painting both digitally and traditionally. I’ve also dabbled in printmaking, screen printing, graphic design and making DIY crafts.

In 2012, I started selling my work on online and at comic cons & craft fairs. I also got into blending loose-leaf teas, which inspired me to design and launch my own fandom tea collection. I currently have 100+ tea blends available online, which you can find on Adagio.com.

I’m a geeky Slytherin and Harry Potter fan who enjoys art, witchy, weird and eerie things, magic, tea, tattoos, pop culture, video & board games, typography & hand-lettering.

I also like making things, hanging out with friends, playing D&D, listening to music, reading, writing, really good food, pilates, Zumba, The Voice, (old-school Supernatural), BBC’s Sherlock and Merlin, travelling the world and nerding out.

If you’d like to chat, feel free to contact me or see what upcoming events I’ll be attending to sell my work!