All Things Tea: Tumblr and New Design Labels

Been quite busy on my end looking for new opportunities and sending orders out! I have also been working more on my teas and how to introduce them to new people. I’ll admit that I gave in and made a Tumblr for my teas. It’s a great way to network with other tea blenders and to find other blends and art. You can find some geeky fandom pictures and things there, but if you’re really a tea-lover or fanatic, you’ll be able to take a look my blends, tea reviews and also some of the reblogs of teas I like.

And here’s a little drawing I made especially for my tea blog! Check it out at Cas-TEA-El Min-ion @ Tumblr!

I also decided to take advantage of Adagio Teas new tea tin feature, which allows tea blenders to customer their teas and create side labels for each tea group they have. And so…I have 5 labels I’ve been working on for the last couple of days. You can check out the tins and the teas all on my signature blends page!


What do you think? These also serve as the banners for the label fandom tea collections on Adagio too. Pretty clever feature!

I’m hoping to work on some art for tea blend labels soon, and I’m also taste-testing and perfecting percentages. In the meantime, I’m trying to finish up a tarot card commission and hopefully entering a design in for the Mickey Mouse and Friends Challenge on Threadless! I’ll have more on that soon!


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