Black Out on Redbubble!

I’m pretty sure I haven’t made the official announcement yet, but Black Out Art can now be found on Redbubble! Hooray! You might be asking yourself, “What’s the difference between getting stuff from Redbubble, Etsy or Society6?” There IS a difference since each shop offers a different experience and some different merch.

Etsy has a lot of my crafty items that I hand-make myself, from custom notebooks, Hogwarts letters, magnet sets and select prints and stickers. All Etsy orders are personally handled by me, from invoicing all the way to shipping.

Society6 offers more of my art as prints, as well as greeting card sets and iPhone cases, and these folks take care of all the making and shipping of stuff.

Redbubble is essentially my sticker hub with some prints too, and these folks also take care of making stuff and shipping. I’ll be adding more works on Society6 and Redbubble soon, but just keep these thoughts in mind! If you want different things, make sure to check the different shops.

So what does my Redbubble shop have right now? You can certainly get Harry Potter Chibi Stickers AND Character Name Tag Stickers! Take a look:


Available Chibis are below for die-cut stickers. If all goes well, I’ll be able to add Snape, Fred, George and Blaise really soon!


Andddd….here’s a nice sneak peek on name tags. Right now, I just have some for Harry Potter and Sherlock characters, but I’ll be coming out with more this week!

dmnametag hpnametag johnnametag sherlocknametag
What do you think? What other chibis and name tag stickers do you want to see in the future? I’m thinking the Doctors, their companions and the Bravest Warriors could use name tags eventually. : P

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