It’s Con Season!

That’s right…this is the sole reason why I’ve been a bit MIA because I’ve been making merch and stuff for the MISTI-Con craft faire AND getting quidditch ready there and at C2E2. It’s a lot of work but I’m hoping the results are worthwhile!

I’ve also gotten a crazy amount of orders via Etsy too…so I’ve been making craft faire stuff AND custom orders at the same times. Some stuff in the process…

Just hoping I can make a lot customers happy as I get everything out this week!

And for my MISTI table…it’s just the matter of planning ahead and making things ahead of time. I have at least my sticks, teas ordered and postcards all set. I’ll need to make a huge printing job soon for the bookmarks and notebooks. And then the fun will really begin.

So far what I think I’ll be having at my table are:

  • Stickers (House Name Tags, Ministry of Magic and Gringotts)
  • Magnets (Hogwarts Houses and select chibis)
  • TEA. SO MUCH TEA. I ordered about 18 oz. so I can make at least 300 little sample baggies. And that only for about 24 or so boxes. BAH.
  • Notebooks…custom inked ones and Hogwarts text books. Fortunately, my paper cutter just got shipped to me today so I can save a gazillion hours cutting paper instead of cutting one sheet at a time! Woohoo!
  • Sherlock Postcards. I have two versions right now and eventually I’ll be able to add a third version. And maybe branch out to have other fandom postcards.
  • Bookmarks (Hogwarts Houses, three Sherlock ones and a Merlin one.)

Here’s a snapshot of various things you might see in my tiny, tiny room (where I’m storing all this stuff…don’t ask. I have no idea):

And there you go! A nice sneak peek on what I’ve been up to. I have also been doing some very extensive research on selling at Artist Alleys at various conventions too. I’m thinking is MISTI does go pretty well, then I might gear up some time to snag a table at Granite State Comic Con and sell at the Artist Alley. We’ll see what happens! Less than a month until MISTI-Con!

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