A Great Success!

Merline Teas Bravest Warriors Teas Tetris Magnets Harry Potter Chibis  wipportfolio GraniteCon Table

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by my table this weekend! You guys rock! I’m so glad y’all made my first artist ally experience a success! After months of research and talking with different artists, I was able to get my things together to create a eye-catching table (and one that smelled nice too, thanks to the teas!). And of course, I have to thank my boyfriend Tim (shown above at my table) for being an awesome helper and pretty much keeping me sane! Working a table is a lot of work, but a really great experience to have.

I was also able to talk to some new artist friends about their experiences and learned some things that might make things easier for the next time. It’s always a learning process, and I know I’ll certainly be back to Granite State next year! I am also thinking of other cons that would be good for AA, like Arisia or Boston Comic Con. We’ll see!

As an appreciation of thanks, you can get 20% off anything in my Etsy shop! Use the code GRANITECON until Oct. 7th! Cheers!

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