Granite State Comicon/ Vacation Time!

Hi friends! It has been quite a busy month! Happy to say that all that I brought with to Granite State Comic Con last month was a HUGE success. It was a lot of fun and a big delayed THANK YOU to all of the people who visited me. Good to know that almost of all of tea samples were wiped out! Here’s a few snap shots at what I had for my revamped table!

Pre-Con Stuffage- Sketches and mock booth set up
GSCC Sketches
Mock Up Booth Setup

Zines Favorite Fandom Foods Zine Inside Stupid Fish Zine Inside Zines Backs
Table at the con!
I really liked this year’s table set-up and it worked out pretty well. The Hungry, Hungry Turtles print was a big hit to get people to come over, and I was wicked happy to find lots of Whovians, Sherlockians and Potterheads looking through my stuff. I think it’ll be something I’ll use and slightly modify for the Rhode Island Comic Con next month.

Pretty much right after the con I had about less than a week to kind of get things together before taking off to Orlando to visit Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley. Totally worth it. We stayed at the new Cabana Bay Beach Resort, and I’ve never felt so at home and relaxed on a vaca. They had a lazy river, two pools, movie nights, bowling, a hugee gift shop, a diner, a few pool bars…whatever you could think of. It was awesome.

100_6387 100_6884 100_6889 100_6907 100_6911
But being able to travel via the Hogwarts Express from London to Hogwarts was pretty awesome too.

100_6503 100_6505 100_6522 100_6631 100_6844 100_6989
YAYYY COOL STUFF. I actually didn’t splurge as much as I thought.
Just as some food for thought, sometimes vacations like these are GREAT for inspiration. Coming back from Florida, I’ve been think of a lot of great ideas I can make into prints or products in the near future. We’ll see if those make it on my table at RICC!

And my hope is if October isn’t too crazy, I’ll be able to post more about what I am currently working on. Stay tuned!

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