2016 Goals and Art on Etsy!

Hello, friends!

It really has been quite a while, hasn’t it? I didn’t intend to go MIA for so long, but 2016 has proved to be a weird year so far. From dealing with life in the office, some car stuff, family drama, and creating some new art, it has been really challenging. And trying to make time to see friends and even hang out with the boy has been hard (the boy and I live together but out schedules are complete opposite).

Even with a lot going on, I really think this year will be a game changer when it comes to art. I have many ideas floating through my head, and I’ve taken whatever free time I have to fill up my sketchbook with these (even if they are silly).

One of the things you’ll see more of from me is more inked or watercolour pieces. You might remember I introduced little watercolours at 2015’s MISTI-CON. I had some pretty good interest in those and also made some for comic cons. I’ll probably introducing more of these in batches, but you can now find the small watercolours from different fandoms in my Etsy shop! I only make a limited batch or two when I can, so if you want one, now’s the time to get one! Once a piece is gone, it’s GONE!
watercolour example setI also have some bigger inked pieces I made when I was trying to do Inktober 2015 (note: DON’T do Inktober right before moving and selling at cons!). Working with Sumi ink again was nice, so I thought I’d continue inking more pieces so I can make a sketchbook when I’m done. I love the path it’s taking, as the theme is inspired by the wizarding world and supernatural. I also think I’m weird and I like strange creatures.

basiliskinked blastendedskrewtdrawingIf all goes well, my goal is to have this “Book of Magical and Weird Things” done in this summer so I can debut them Granite State Comicon in September. I’d love to have 31 inked pieces for this…so I still have some ways to go. I’ll keep you updated on how things are coming along. Some of my originals are up on Etsy if you’d like something one-of-a-kind! I’ll be putting another small batch once I get a few more inked pieces done over the next week!

Ideas for new prints are in the works (and secret for now…shh!). But I am having some fun dabbling in some original ideas for new stickers (and maybe zine/comic). All I can say is that the stickers are fortune/divination related. And the potential zine/comic involve dim sum foods (which I haven’t had in AGES!). Sketches below:
dimsumdrawings fortunesketches

And that’s where I’ll leave off for now. I can definitely tell you I’ll have new prints for the summer…and possibly some new name tag stickers. Of course, things could change, so I’m taking it one day at a time.

I’ll also be posting up my long overdue SuperWhoLock gift guide (for any occasion) because…why not?

Until next time, cheers!

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