Recipe Rec: Guinness Cupcakes

Guiness Is Good for you Sign

Well, sometimes. I personally absolutely love Guinness (preferably the Extra Stout, and if available, warm and from the tap). But for those who think it’s too thick or bitter, you can still enjoy Guinness at it’s best. Perhaps Guinness Cupcakes might entice you? If you love cupcakes made from scratch, consider trying this.

I’ve had the privilege of making these at least a couple times of year, and it certainly makes that much more awesome to make them for this week (since Saint Patrick’s Day is on Saturday!). The beer adds a nice flavour to the cake base, and oh! Did you say there’s chocolate in the center? Yes, indeed! It goes great with the light buttercream frosting on top, which just happens to be made from Bailey’s Irish Cream. A really nice treat if you’re looking for something different to make for dessert. No need to save this just for March 17; it’s good for any time of the year.

I find it helpful having an extra person to help out with this. That way, one person can focus on baking the cupcakes, and the other person can make the filling and buttercream frosting. And, I swear by this specific recipe, since I know there are always alterations. But…

Guinness Cupcakes (thanks to Nibbledish)

Your end result? It should look something like this.

Delicious. Now get out there and start baking!

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