Fandom Teas: 3 Harry Potter Blends to Snag!

My newest hobby for tea blending continues. You might have caught my post about tea blending and fandom teas a while back. And well, Adagio Teas is still pretty awesome, especially since I’ve had the chance to open ALL the samples I bought and make a few blends. So far, I’ve dabbled in making House Blends, then some Merlin blends. I still have to taste-test and perfect them, but there’s plenty of time for that.

And yes, I also have Harry Potter character blends. So far, some of my friends I’ve been talking to have been totally indulging the idea to make more character blends and to bring them to MISTI-Con. And so, I’ve been making notes and plans to look into making Marauder teas. Particularly a Snape tea since that’s in high demand. And considering that Snape is a rather complex-character…I think I’ll need to take some time to get his blend right.

For now, I give you not one but THREE Harry Potter tea blends AND labels that have not only been created by Yours Truly, but also taste-tested and perfected with 110% love. Go get them while you can and leave some feedback when you get a taste!

H. Potter Tea Blend

My review of this tea: probably my favourite so far! The smell of this tea makes you want to eat it because it’s that delicious! There’s an overall nice sweetness of caramel when you take a sip and then you can taste a chocolatey spice afterward. And the vanilla adds a nice touch (though it’s not terribly strong). Overall, pretty tasty for the winter season! I’m planning to hopefully order a bag of this really soon!

C. Chang Tea Blend
(freshly stocked again!)


My review of this tea: This one I got right the first time around! The chai isn’t as strong as your Masala or Chocolate ones, but there’s definitely some kick to it. It’s a wicked nice compliment to the leafy and orange taste of the Mandarin green. And the nice touch of peach really tops this off. A light tea but a really good one. It smells pretty nice too. Great if you’re a green tea lover!

N. Longbottom Tea Blend


My review of this tea: I had to really think about what Neville would be in tea-terms. I figured that this blend suited him pretty well. The peach has a very strong smell to it, but it goes very well with the powerful spice of chai. And the orange peels are a nice touch. This was pretty nice blend to have if you’re going to have a busy day.

I’m still in the process of taste-testing Draco, Luna, Ron and Pansy. So, as soon as I get a hand on more tea samples, I’ll let you know when these blends are good to go!

I can only appreciate these tea blends for forcing me to make new art for pretty labels. And Chibi!Potter characters at the least, since I’m usually pretty bad at drawing chibis. Well, practice makes perfect as a draw more. Perhaps I might be able to use the chibis for other projects  other than tea labels? What do you think? Where else do you want to see these chibis?

If you’re looking for some recs for fandom teas…please DEFINITELY check out Cara’s teas. In particular, the TARDIS blend and John Watson are supposed to be wicked good. And if you’re a Potter fan and want some butterbeer? Try Robert‘s Butterbeer blend. Love Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit? Check out all of Aun-Juli Riddle’s teas…she has loads of tea blends that might be good for you!

Has anyone else been enjoying the love for Adagio? What are your favourite teas?

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