Black Out Is Now On Society6!

I reckon I’ll keep this brief as I continue to make more art and such. I’m currently working on some original art that I’m waiting to draw for TWO YEARS. So now I have time, I’d say that’ll be turning into a very big series of simple drawings or wicked short web comics…involving my ridiculous collection of rubber duckies. Yes…you heard right. Art about duckies.

I’m also in the process of sketching out ideas for a couple of cross-over art pieces too. Can’t say what they are yet, but I’ll post them up when they’re done!

I did want to share with you folks that you can now find some of my work on Society6 now! I do have some art there that’s not in my Etsy shop. So if you’ve ever wanted a print, or maybe some greeting cards, make sure to go there and check out what I have. And if you like what you’re seeing, make sure to promote my stuff!

I’ll also be looking into getting my stuff on Redbubble, and possibly be making designs to submit to Qwertee, Tee Fury and such. But time will tell. What are you thoughts? Where else do you want to see Black Out Art?

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