“Studio” Sneak Peek- Notebooks and Magnets

So here’s a quick sneak peek on what I’ve been working on as of late: magnets and notebooks. I’m now happy to say that some of these things are now listed up on Etsy too!

I’m hoping to have at least 4-6 different Hogwarts Textbook notebook to offer by the time it’s spring. It’s a little bit more time-consuming cutting and putting everything manually (so in a way, I do miss being at a print shop that has machines). But you’ll see that my new notebooks have been punched and are held together with binder rings. It’s wicked easy to cut paper and punch holes if you ever need to refill it. You’ll also notice that there are front AND back covers to give each notebook more of that “book” feel to it. And the laminate provides some rigidity and keeps everything protected!

Thoughts? If you wanna snag this Quibbler Blank Notebook, you can go to my Etsy shop! I’m hoping to make more notebooks, obviously but it’s going to take time. Currently working on Advanced Potion-Making. Let’s hope that one turns into a big hit!

I’ve also decided to make more magnets for the shop too. I absolutely love magnetic tape and besides for the Moognets (Moo card magnets), I wanted to see what else I could do with it. So, I now have Supernatural and Harry Potter Chibi magnet sets to offer!

Supernatural is a show I used to watch a lot until Season 5. I’ll admit it: I like the old school stuff way better. And to show some appreciation for that, I tried to find fun images like the mugshots of the Winchesters from Folsom Prison Blues, the logos for Pig ‘N A Poke from Mystery Spot, Harvelle’s Roadhouse and of course, the famous Kansas license plate on Dean’s Impala.
And as you know, I’ve been making Harry Potter chibis for my tea blends. And so, after much squeeing and discussion with some folks, I thought it would be very cool to consider making the chibis into merch. First thing that came in mind: magnets. I made the chibis big enough so that when shrunken down, they actually looked wicked good. For a good few days, my desk was pretty much cover with little chibis and other magnet stuff as I tried to put these things together.


The really nice thing about these magnets is that EACH one is handcut by me. It does take a little more time and precision to cut curves and stuff, especially in magnetic tape, but I think it was well worth it. 🙂

The Supernatural set and the Harry Potter Chibi set are now both up in the Etsy shop too. These are made-to-order magnets, so you’ll know that 110% love is put into making these!

What do y’all think? Any other requests for future magnets or merch?

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