More Fandom Tea Blends: R. Weasley, P. Parkinson and G. Lestrade

Right. So I’ve had the chance to taste-test and perfect TWO MORE Harry Potter fandom tea blends that I’ve created on Adagio Teas. If you happen to enjoy chais, these might be worth trying. All the labels have been made by Yours Truly. I’m still taste-testing as well as creating more tea blends, so you’ll be seeing posts or tea reviews soon!

And if you want a $5 gift certificate for your first purchase from Adagio, make sure to email me at! You can also follow me on Facebook or Twitter for chances to redeem certificate codes too (those are good for 24 hours).

R. Weasley


My review of the tea: this one was a bit complex because the smell of the almond oolong was wicked powerful but that almond taste is actually very subtle when you drink the tea. You can definitely taste apple in this too, which is a great compliment. This one took a bit more time to balance the percentages, I’ll admit it. Overall, pretty good.

P. Parkinson


My review of the tea: I must have gotten something right on the first go, but this tea was awesome! The tastes of lemongrass and coconut when very well with the spices in the chais and cream. It was honestly just deliciousness for your taste buds. The cream certainly helps to tame this down, so it’s not too strong. I love this!

Did I also mention that I’ve started creating Sherlock blends? Yes. I’ve made 8 blends, but I’ll be sharing ONE with you, since a. it has actually not been taste-tested by me but b. someone else bought it the day it was made and gave it a wicked good review. So, hopefully some of you like Greg Lestrade!

G. Lestrade Overall, he’s supposed to be malty tasting like raisins and dates from the assam melody. There’s a touch of chocolate and caramel with the nuttiness of chestnut. And some aniseed that gives this a bit of an accent. You can read the review from my first buyer and see if this blend is for you!


What other teas would you like to see? Or have you tried any from Adagio or other places that are highly recommended?


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