New: Button Designs and Whovian Teas

Can you believe there’s only SIX weeks until Granite State Comicon? Yeah, that really means it’s time to crank things up and make things!

In the process of trying to build up inventory for the con and figuring out everything else, I thought I’d share FOUR new button designs I came up with, after a few days worth of thinking about what could possibly be turned into a button. While the possibilities are endless, I know I’ll have plenty of time to release more buttons later. So…I present to you buttons from Star Trek, Portal and Futurama!

These will debuting at the convention, so make sure you come by (table TBD). And I’ll have my other designs in my Etsy shop available too!

And if you’re a Whovian, you’re in luck to know I have more Whovian teas available via Adagio!





Fantastic! and Geronimo! are my most recent blends, but make sure to also check out Allons-y! and T(ea) is for TARDIS. Become a “fan” of me tea community and you can earn a spunky badge on Adagio!

I’m also still in the midst of figuring out which teas to bring with me to Granite State to sell as tea samples. You can check out ALL of my blends and tell me which ones you’d like to see/ taste. More convention updates coming right up!

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