Tea Labels: More Reworked Harry Potter Teas

So I mentioned a while ago that I have been reworking my tea labels for the From A Castle Far, Far Away collection (known as the Harry Potter teas). I thought I’d share with you the new labels I have this time around, which includes Pansy, Blaise, Cho and Snape.


They turned out pretty well, and it looks like I only have Ginny, Seamus and Neville to complete before all of the labels have been updated. AND…before I can release Marauder teas! I’m very excited about that since I have teas blends for James, Sirius, Remus and Lily all planned out. I might also be able to officially get Romilda Vane out, as well as Ernie, Cedric and Hannah so we have more Hufflepuff pride. That will most likely have to wait until much later though.

Currently working hard on getting inventory ready for Granite State Comicon. I did order teas for the samples I’ll be having at my table. I can tell you that there are FOURTEEN different teas to choose from. Any guesses? I’ll make a post of about this as soon as I get my package!

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