New Name Tag Stickers…and other stuff

Hi friends!

So, life has really been a bit crazy and rough for the last couple of months, with getting my wisdom teeth out last week, dealing with repairs on my car (thanks to a boulder on the highway), and trying to deal with work and family. Not sure how I’ve been managing, but I’m very grateful for any time I do have to dedicate it to making more art.

Not too much to update on, though I have a gazillion ideas and a few projects I’ve been working on. I’m happy to say that I have some new name tag stickers though! You can find them in my Etsy shop! Two new ones for Sherlock and six Doctor Who Ones!

eleven1 jack1
nine1 river1
tardis1 ten1
anderson1 mary1

 You can also snag the whole Sherlock set and Doctor Who set for a great deal! 🙂

I’m also working Project B.A.M., my new web comic, in which I had to scrap the basic outline for it quite a few times, and had to work and rework my thumbnails. I’m currently sketching and getting the first few pages inked/coloured for the launch for June! And on the side, I’ve been coming up with more button ideas. I’ll be making a lot more buttons for the shop and also to sell at conventions. Here’s my set of Sinnoh Pokemon though! Love these guys, especially Turtwig!

chimcharwip piplupwip turtwigwip

Hoping to work on the Kanto Pokemon, as well final designs for…Harry Potter Spell buttons this weekend. And also…typography fandomy greeting cards. Yes….lots of things to achieve in so little time. Going to try to make it happen though! Stay tuned for more news on more art and the like!

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