Newest Art and Merch- Buttons, Cards and Such!

Long time since I’ve posted, yes? Things have been really ramping up between working, some travel and essentially a lot of people throwing weddings and other events. I’ve been trying to keep up though!

I’m really excited for a lot of the ideas I’ve been able to make into new merch and art. First, more buttons! Yes…I just got in 15 new designs…that’s quite a haul! It’s crazy to say that I have at least 43 designs and I’m planning to make 5-10 more in the next month or so. And I might need to get some more storage space.

100_6353 100_6352
100_6351 100_6308

Honestly, I really just wanted more Harry Potter buttons to offer and thought about making spell sets. And then it turned to having a basic spells set and then a dark arts spells set. And knowing that there are a lot of spell that exist in the wizarding world…well, a lot of them were really hard to illustrate. So I am up with these!

basicspells1 basicspells2
darkartsset1 darkartsset2

You can get the basic spells and dark art spells buttons as sets in my Etsy shop! I’ve also posted up a Supernatural Symbol set and the Pokemon Sinnoh Starters Set!

spnset pokemonsinnohset

Or, why not mix and match…get a little bit of everything!
I’ve also recently got into making hand-written greetings card with fandom and generic sayings. Only have a couple done so far, so I might do a few more to see how people like them at conventions and other events. As a kid, I was always that girl that made people’s birthday and holiday cards since I hated buying them. The ones I found in the store were always so…meh.  And, well…I thought this would be a great way to brighten up someone’s day or just say hello or whatever!

everythingisokay1 hellosweetie1

If you have ideas you’d like to see as a greeting card, let me know! The cleverer, the better.

Until next time…well…I might be sharing a new t-shirt and print design very, very soon….watch out for that post in the next day or so!

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