A Brief Glimpse into 2015 Fall Conventions

Hello, friends! It has been a very busy summer/fall with some HUGE changes (new job, new car and moving into a new apartment in a very short time). I’ve also been playing with new ways to display my table at conventions and also queuing up all a lot of fun subjects to draw so I can keep making new art. And of course, trying to figure out time to make new teas and run the Etsy shop.

The 2015 Con season has finally wrapped up for me and all my events turned out all right, so that’s good news! It is always a challenge to trying to change things up every year since so many things can factor how well an event does.

I’ll be honest…I didn’t do as great as I hoped because higher table prices and sub-par traffic coming in and out of the artist alley. But I do consider breaking even and making even a little profit a great goal, which I met for MISTI-Con, Granite State Comic Con and Rhode Island Comic Con.

While I’ve covered MISTI in my last post, I can say Granite State is always exciting to go to because it almost feels like coming home. It’s the very first convention I started selling my stuff at, and it’s gotten me a lot of awareness and helped me make new friends. I debuted some mini watercolours to see how these would do, and it helped out a lot. It changes things up and it was a new way to add something fun to the table.

My table at Granite State!

With Rhode Island Comic Con, it was definitely a packed event. It’s always an interesting one, though I wasn’t terribly happy with the way things were set up. Having one exit for all the artists on my side to come and go for food and bathrooms was very challenging. And splitting the artist alley and vendors really killed the usual Sunday sales I normally get. It was a sad, but I still had a lot of fun hanging out with new and old friends. And my sassy birds and stupid fish were a big hit here. It was nice to get some original art recognized!

My fun RICC table and a sassy picture of me, taken by Jon Decker Photography.
I’m already looking into 2016 to see which cons I’d like to sell at. I’m always up for trying new events out too. So if you’d like to see Black Out art at a convention near you, let me know in the comments!

Otherwise, I hope to see some of you at Northeast Comicon next week, which I’ll be going to for fun (as a TF2 Blu Sniper or pirate- I haven’t decided yet).

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