Art for MISTI-CON!

Hello! It has been a little hectic with almost no time for art these days. But, I think that will be changing very soon. All the hard work with taking interviews while working not-so-great day job has paid off. Been given a great opportunity for a new day job (in typography, no less), and after a crazy winter of car hell and woes, the car might be able to hang in there (until I go get a new one). Maybe things are looking up!

Otherwise, I’ve been filling up a notebook with all the crazy ideas for projects I want to do, and I came back from MISTI-CON! Despite the con crud (which is totally kicking my butt right now), it was such a great convention where I got to hang out with new and old friends and it really validated why I absolutely love the Harry Potter community. It felt like being home being reunited with everyone.

I wasn’t able to take too many pictures, but I am sooo glad I planned ahead this time! I able to join some friends in hosting a roundtable on cosplay for those who don’t want to spend a fortune, and I gave my very first presentation on loose leaf teas! I was so surprised how packed the room was, and it was a ton a fun to know there are people who love tea too.

And of course, I was selling my stuff for the craft faire as part of the Bewitching Bazaar for the Wizarding World’s Fair! Choosing teas to bring with me was the hardest thing (out of the 80 I have, no less), but things went really well! So glad to see that people remembered me from 2013. The great thing was trying something new and offering some cute watercolour cards and displaying them on mini art easels. I think those definitely got people’s attention (and Bellatrix walked away happy with a Basilisk and a pink pygmy puff). I’m going to have to make more of those for other cons I go to this fall.

Anyway…pictures! Starting with the fun notebooks I was able to get together for busy witches and wizards!

Trading card sized watercolours I was able to make before the con and also during (when I was either in my hotel room or in a quiet room). The basilisk was my favourite one (and also a random one I threw in!)

Was able to finish Thranduil in time to put him in my portfolio and take with me! Hoping to do more of these portraits in the future. I also might have gained a new-found love for watercolours again.
My table at the craft faire! We had 5 hours v.s 3 hours, so I think that helped us get a bit of a break. But traffic was really good (even if it was on the chillier side that day)! Teas were an absolute hit!
Hard at work as fem!Merlin.
And some random other things…like this amazing Ford Anglia that was parked outsize during the fair. I was totally geeking out over this.

Chris Rankin came to MISTI this year and hung out with everyone! He has always been awesome at Harry Potter events, and it was great to go to his Q and A to just talk about stuff with us. Chill and lowkey (and barefoot, apparently).
My favourite cosplay of the week…being a Hogwarts Express Conductor. And learning the essentials to pose right for a photo. I think I nailed it.

Will hopefully be able to work on some more stuff for this summer, once I have a little more time to recover and get in the swing of things again. If you want to get some geeky stuff and missed out at MISTI, feel free to visit my Etsy shop! AND…I’m also offering a fandom tea sampler for those interested!

More soon…stay tuned!


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